Single Sources of Wisdom

I’m finding more places where women’s solo and/or childless experiences are shared and celebrated. Not all are childless, so take care if that is a tender area for you. A Single Serving Podcast – Shani Silver’s podcast focusing on “women living authentic, full, happy lives where dating is not our primary purpose.” Childless Not ByContinue reading “Single Sources of Wisdom”


I had the amazing pleasure to talk with Dr. Chenee’ Gilbert and Kierra Sunae’ from the Good Grief, Girl podcast yesterday. I was a bit nervous*, but did not need to be whatsoever as Kierra and Dr. Chenee’s empathy and understanding created a really safe environment to explore life from the single and childless notContinue reading “Interview!”

Faithful Companion

There comes a time each night, each night of the past almost 11 weeks, where I get this empty feeling creeping up from my belly. Creeping up into my mind. It could be anxiety, or sadness, or depression. It almost doesn’t matter what it is…it matters more what it isn’t. It isn’t a sense ofContinue reading “Faithful Companion”

Pride and Badges

My friends have been getting engaged, married, and having babies since I was 21. I’ve been watching other people live the life I wanted for 19+ years. So maybe you can understand the annoyance, the irritation, the bitterness I feel when yet another mom-friend in their 20s tells me all about babies. “At her age,Continue reading “Pride and Badges”

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