Single Sources of Wisdom

I’m finding more places where women’s solo and/or childless experiences are shared and celebrated. Not all are childless, so take care if that is a tender area for you.

  • A Single Serving Podcast – Shani Silver’s podcast focusing on “women living authentic, full, happy lives where dating is not our primary purpose.”
  • Childless Not By Choice – Civilla Morgan’s podcast about how “we can live a joyful, relevant, and fulfilled life, although we did not have the children we so wanted.”
  • Badass Single People: Dozens of Books for You – Dr. Bella DePaulo’s list of “affirming and unapologetic books” about the lives of single people.
  • The Single Supplement – Nicola Slawson’s newsletter “especially for single women.”
  • Unchained. Unbothered. – Keturah Kendrick’s podcast by “an unmarried Black woman, absent of children, living a joy-filled, fulfilling life” focuses on women “from all walks of life who find common ground in their perspectives on 21st century Black womanhood.”
  • Alonement – Francesca Specter’s podcast “celebrating and valuing the time you spend alone – regardless of your relationship status.”
  • First Person Singular – Wendy Braitman’s guide to “surviving, thriving and sometimes just getting through a ‘single’ day.”
  • Joan DelFattore, PhD – ” Writes about single life, including handling illness without a partner.”

Published by singlechildlessover40

I'm single, childless, and over 40. Tired of being overlooked and dismissed just because I don't have a partner or children.

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