I had the amazing pleasure to talk with Dr. Chenee’ Gilbert and Kierra Sunae’ from the Good Grief, Girl podcast yesterday. I was a bit nervous*, but did not need to be whatsoever as Kierra and Dr. Chenee’s empathy and understanding created a really safe environment to explore life from the single and childless not by choice perspective. I hope you take a moment to listen to our conversation.

Good Grief, Girl has some really wonderful episodes about all kinds of grief – a topic that our society could use so much more awareness around.

@goodgrief_girl on instagram

*And I’m not quite ready to venture out from the safety of anonymity just yet, so I go by ‘Marie’ in this interview. 🙂

Published by singlechildlessover40

I'm single, childless, and over 40. Tired of being overlooked and dismissed just because I don't have a partner or children.

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