And so it begins…

Photo by Irina Iriser

Hello. Welcome. I needed to get some things off my chest. Things about being single, and childless, and just a smidge over 40.

Oh, and a woman.

The societal and cultural acceptance, nay, intrigue for men in my situation renders them eligible whereas I’m a bit past the old due date. And definitely a rarity among my social circles.

It is currently World Childless Week—the second such week I’ve been aware of and the first that I’ve felt ready to immerse into since recognizing the reality of my life path. I’m noticing in my grief work that I have some feelings that need airing, recognition, understanding…and I’m not going to get that from my friends. In order to move forward though, I need it from somewhere. And right now I need it to be untethered to my personal identity; hence, here I am: singlechildlessover40, reporting for duty.

I’m hoping to find clarity, a safe place to express emotions that are generally unwelcome in my day-to-day life, and perhaps others who understand and can relate. This will be an outlet, a pressure-release valve, a dairy case when the road ahead is lined with hardware store after hardware store.

Published by singlechildlessover40

I'm single, childless, and over 40. Tired of being overlooked and dismissed just because I don't have a partner or children.

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